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Displaying returned data from a procedure with Toad for Oracle

I’ve been trying to display returned data in a grid from existing procedures in Toad for Oracle. I’m using the latest version of Toad

This is very simple in SQL Navigator. 1) You open a procedure 2) click a execute procedure button 3) enter the input parameter value’s 4) click Execute button one more time 5) click the cursor ellipsis button

This is something that I have to do on a regular basis.

Three procedures that run in SQL Navigator are not running in Toad. I 'm getting ORA-06550: line xx, column xx: PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type ORA-06550: line xx, column x: PL/SQL: Statement ignored.

Since I have potentially hundreds of procedures to work with, this could be a big deal.

Is there documentation I can reference that breaks down the process of simply returning data from procedure using Toad for Oracle?



Can you provide a sample procedure that I can compile and run here?

Also, when you set parameters in Toad look at the anonymous block that is generated. Are there any areas marked with comments requiring you to initialize some complex types? If you copy/paste that block into Editor and execute with F9 is it the block that’s failing or does execution go well, but afterwards the exception is raised?



I do see a comment on the line in Initialization: var_REPORT_CURSOR := NULL; --Modify the code to initialize this parameter

I have to check before sending a sample procedure.

Is REPORT_CURSOR an input argument? When you execute this procedure in SQL Navigator how are you initializing this argument? If you’re setting it to some expression you can achieve the same in Toad by setting the Input Type to Expression. In the Set Parameters window double click the “Input Type” cell for the argument. Select Expression. Type your expression value into the Input column. You can also modify the anonymous block directly to initialize it in any way you want.