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Editing Code Analysis Rules


We are trying to customize Code Analysis rules provided within TOAD but facing issues and not able to get the desired rule.


Toad Provided Custom Rule # 2750 says,

– List columns explicitly in your INSERT statement

insert into tab values (1,2); raise error

insert into tab (a,b) values (1,2); no issues

We want it to work in same way except when doing a record type insert.

so for below insert it should not raise any error.

    r_test.session_id           := v_session_id;

  r_test.server_name          := v_server_name;

  r_test.username             := v_username;

  r_test.date_created         := SYSDATE;

  INSERT INTO fly_printmonitor

  VALUES r_fly_print_mon;

In our parse information, browsed by XPath, we did not make a clear distinction between record type VALUES arguments and classical columns lists. Although today the rule CAN be tweaked to your request, using a rather complex XPath expression, I would prefer to fix the problem at its root and have the parse info reflect the difference. We’ll address it probably in the next drop of the parser component, and also update rule 2750 to your request, quite logical ! (QP-1627)

I’ll keep you informed.

Thanks for reporting!