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Editing tables data and the concurrency violation error


I sometimes need to change data manually. I double-click on the table, I navigate to the Data tab in the Object Details window, I find the record, then I attempt to modify the record, but as soon as move off the record I invariably get the message: Concurrency Violation. Expected to update 1 row(s), but actually updated 0 row(s).

My question is this. All my tables have primary keys. Why isn’t Toad able to figure out automatically the update statement it has to run to update the record? Yes, if I configure the update/delete/insert statements by selecting the Define Custom Editing option it works, but why do I have to do that, since all the information needed to infer the three statements is there already.

Is there an option to tell Toad to do it automatically?


I have the same issue - has none responded to the issue

I have the same issue since years. No way to determine why I sometimes get this error in the same sql i.e.


enl_id is the pk, and enl_estado is a smallint. I try to change enl_estado from 8 to 2 but I get the same error. No other connections nor tabs opened, no transactions active.

What’s worse, when this happens something happens with the connection (I get no results when I query ANYTHING ON ANY TABLE), and toad crashes constantly with misc errors. The only workaround then is close and reopen toad.


Can I ask that did you changed enl_estado data in data grid? If yes, can I have your “Define Custom Editing” and the error screen shot?