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Editing TOAD's formatting options

Hi, I have an annoying issue with TOADs formatter tool. When I use the formatter on a query with a large list, I get results like this:

FROM employee
WHERE employeeID IN (a,

__What I’d really like to see for the formatted query is more of a column layout like the following:

FROM employee
WHERE employeeID IN (a, b, c, d,
e, f, g, h,

Any suggestions as to what I could change in the formatting options menu to get results similar to that?

Hello Eric,

Unfortunately a few expression lists have no arrangement options yet. Within a
couple of weeks the Toad beta will feature a reviewed formatter options
interface which will also include options for those lists. That would then meet
your request.



Has this been fixed in toad 11?

I can’t seem to get the formatter to stack my in list the way I want.

If the formatter options for an IN LIST is settable, I haven’t been able to find it. The ‘Oracle Formatter Options’ List Arrangement screens need some explanatory text. For example, the List Arrangement options aren’t described anywhere that I’ve been able to find , so trial and error is the only way to make sense of them, and they still don’t make sense. ‘Wrapped’, ‘Stacked on more than…’, ‘Stacked on overflow or more than’, ‘Tabular’, ‘Column adjusted Tabular’, ‘Wrapped only when no folded Items’. I’m sure those options make sense to the person or team that wrote the formatter, but they are not obvious to me. I have been using Toad for years, and I have never found the formatter useful enough to use. A long IN LIST winds up spread out over pages, one item per line. I periodically give it another go but always abandon the effort after being unable to make it do what I want it to do.