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ER Diagram does not show related tables


Professional edition
Environment: Oracle Apps 11i Oracle 9i
Enable using DBA dictionary views is set on

I have started playing with the ER Diagram and have selected a table that has many links to it (OE.ORDER_LINES_ALL) yet when I select the ER Diagram for this table it simply shows me the individual table and no related tables. What am I doing wrong?

I have logged in as the APPS user but how to I validate this user has the correct rights?


Although I couldn’t find a particular table you mentioned (OE.ORDER_LINES_ALL), when logged as APPS in OraApps version you have specified, I tried on other tables and the result was the same as you described. However, when testing the same issue on the other available to me schemas (including SCOTT), which have implemenetd fully referencial integrity, I found no problem with ER Diagram.

I am not very familiar with OraApps tables, but querried our Oracle Domain Expert and learned that tables in OraApps are hardly using referencial integrity constraints (foreign keys), therefore it is not possible to draw ER diagrams. Integrity checks are embedded in applications.

Correct me, if I am wrong