ER: Open/Compile packages without parsing (QP5.dll errors)

I’ve requested this before, but having experienced the problem again I thought I’d ask.

I’m getting parsing issues when compiling a package, not Oracle errors, but TOADs own parsing errors. I get the real errors if I send the script to SQLPlus and once I’ve resolved these TOAD then starts behaving again. My issue is that until I’ve done this manual process I can’t do my compilation along with the niceties that TOAD offers (like jumping to errors), in fact, in this instance I can’t really use the SE to work on my package as the slightest syntax issue breaks QP5.dll so I edit it in SE, send it to SQLPlus and then fix the issues.

So, can we have an option to bypass the TOAD parser. I don’t want to do this often, the vast majority of the time it works perfectly, but on these rare occasions when it doesn’t work the manual process is my only workaround. I know its not that painful, but an option to bypass the parser so TOAD only reported the errors returned by Oracle might be nice.


(The package is quite large and I don’t have the time to strip it all down to find out why QP5.dll is complaining, sorry)