Error: The negotiation of key exchange method has failed

Hello, I have TDP Version 5.7 and I am experiencing FTP connection issues. Recently, all of my FTP connections are no longer working. Reading through some posting, I think it may be related to a recent upgrade with our internal FTP algorithms; however, not sure. I know this version is no longer supported; however, I could use some help. I am working with our internal IT FTP Team and would like to know if TDP Version 5.7 uses any of the algorithms below when attempting to make FTP connections? Any support is appreciated. Cheers, Mike.


I didn't see anything in the Knowledge Base off Quest's Support site for this or related.

I would create a support ticket, and Support can reach out to the Dev team. That way, Quest can document for others. I'll see if one of the Quest Dev team members can't reply with a quick answer in the meantime.

Thank you, Gary, for the prompt response. It appears our account is no longer under contract for support maintenance. I completed a form to have someone contact me to renew. I'll see where that takes me. Cheers, Mike.

Ah, sorry to hear that you're not current on Support. I did raise your request to Quest R&D, so hopefully someone can respond soon. Echo the cheers.

Here is the list of algorithms used in TDP_5.7 to establish FTP connections:

In TDP version 6.0, some of the algorithms are excluded, due to a higher security standards.

For best performance, I would suggest to use latest TDP_6.2 edition
from this link: Toad Data Point - Download Software

I hope you will find this message useful.