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Error while opening tsm file

We have Toad Data Point 4.0 and are using to connect to Vertica.

When we open (or create new) tsm files using "Diagram" option, we receive error as below
"Input string was not in a correct format. Couldn't store <current_alignent> in ColumnOrder Column. Expected type is Int32.Opening query in editor. Please connect to ta database and send th equery to th eQuery Builder to be visualized."

  1. As soon as we click "OK" on this error, the tsm opens in query mode. I am unable to find the option to send this query to Query Builder.
  2. what is the fix for this error?

Welcome to the TDP Community Forum!

The issue you describe is a known one.... usually triggered by a Win10 update on users' client workstation.

I would strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of TDP, which fixes this issue.

Or, click on the link below to see the Knowledge Base article that describes the issue in more detail, and offers an alternative work-around:

Thank you for quick response. Will try that.