ERs for script generation

While working with the SQL script generation functionality, I’m finding a few features that are really important to me.

It would be nice to have more than one set of generation settings saved. I would set the options necessary to create the triggers, for example, and then save those options for later use. Then, the next time I need to generate the SQL to re-create my triggers, I don’t have to reset all of the generation options from the last SQL that I generated. I might then have options set to just create the SQL to drop my tables and another set of options set to create just the tables and another set of options to re-create all of my indexes.

That brings me to the next ER. Since I might be generating multiple output files - one per set of options - a preview function would be nice. Rather than generating the SQL out to a file that you can view after the fact, it would be nice to see what is being generated before it is written to a file. That way, if I’m replacing a file that is under version control, I don’t have to check it out and make it readable just so that I can see what the output of my development SQL generation changes are. Then, if I like what I see in the preview, I can opt to save the resulting SQL or not using a save/save as dialog.

Hello Bruce,

Thanks for your great suggestions. We will definitely deal with both of them.

  1. Save more settings - This has already been planned - for RE, and also script and report generation. Thanks again.
    Your request CR # is 35 762.

  2. SQL Preview - CR # 35 763.

Your co-operation is fantastic!


While you’re at it, how about a button to run the SQL directly into the database? If it’s Oracle, for example, I could run the schema in and do a compare of the development database to the production system. You already have a database connection to do RE. It shouldn’t be too tough to use that to forward engineer (FE) the database. Oh, then you could FE the database and do a compare of the database after it’s been created to the existing model to see what’s missing between the model and the generated SQL.


There are other tools focused on forward engineering, e.g. Toad. Integration of TDM 3 with Toad is planned.

Thanks for your patience.