ESC closes window

I’m evaluating TOAD ver 5.8.0xxx and was altering procedure.
Pressed ESC key and edit window closed without warning although the contents was changed.
Any setting to change this behaviour.

Best regards

And also search and replace is grayed ?

Hi Boris,

“ESC key” was there forever, I believe we wanted to provide a quick key to close the dialog, however nowadays I think it causes more problems than adding value.
Going forward we will disable “ESC key”, you can close the dialog with close button in the header as well as cancel button at the bottom of dialog.

are you saying search/replace window is grayed if you start it from inside the procedure dialog?

Yes within editor

For sure it is quick (and painfull) :slight_smile:



actually what you are trying to do will find in active sql editor tab if there is script, not in object editors like stored proc.
We have improved this for upcoming release - there will be special find panel, you may see it in the attached image.
Anyway in the existing version of the product you may select single word and editor will highlight all matches for you in a second - I have marked it with arrows on the attached image.


I would encourage you to create stored procedure from sql editor.
I believe it’s more convenience since you can run it as a script and create stored procedure upon you sure it works as you expected. There is shortcut for that (context menu) and moreover create procedure dialog will detect DECLARE operations and convert them in the procedure parameters.