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Estimate table and database size

  1. Where I can see the estimated table or database size in TDM?

  2. I noticed there is a size column in general Entity Properties general TAB. But it is always 0. Is there a script to calculate it?

I would like to estimate how big my database could be for N number of rows. I’m using MySQL 5.1.

Thanks in advance.



TDM doesn’t offer such functionality for tables, you will have to write your own script that will estimate table sizes and write the value to the Size field automatically for you. You can have in your db design columns of various data types and when you define column in your database structure, there is no information about data, I mean when column is of certain datatype (blob) or is nullable for example, then it’s probably difficult to estimate table size. The Size field is there for you to manually specify estimated table size. Also, you can use your own units (kB, MB…).

To estimate database size you can follow instructions written here:

It’s a script that will calculate database size from values defined in Size field in your entities.




Thanks Vaclav.

I saw the script that extract the value from size column.
I would like to create a TDM script to read the table definition then populate each table size column. Is that doable from TDM scripting language? Is there any example around to help me on that?




what information do you wish to read? You can iterate entities and read properties, I can give you examples, but it would be nice to know what you need in order to calculate the estimated size. You can send me details to if you like.