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Excel Import issue / Date Headers are NULL

I am having an issue when using the import wizard with an excel file that has numbers or dates as headers. for some reason, the headers that are not text are appearing as null values. For example: I have a table with multiple headers that are dates. These all show up as <Null Column *> for all of the columns that has a date as the header. I have confirmed that the data type is Date on the excel file. This appears not to be limited to date formats, I tried this with some numerical values and see the same thing, the text headers are there while numeric are all null.

I am using data point 3.8 and the excel version is pro 2010

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you post an example of your sql query. The column names are usually what show up in the header row. Are you using pivot or unpivot?

I Greg,

Thanks for the response. There is no query to share. I am just trying to import a spreadsheet into a table in my DB2 database. I have attached a couple of screen shots of what I am seeing.

The first shows the data without me adjusting the start row so they are the headers.

After I adjust where the Start Row to begin at the headers the dates become NULL values and are unusable. Even if I use the Normalize columns functions, they still show as null values.

Does your DB2 database require field (column) names to begin with an alpha character like other databases do? Some do not accept a leading number on a field name.

Dates are numbers unless it is a text formatted date like Jan 12 2016.

Can you post your excel file or at least a subset of it?