Excel Report with parameters

I like the automation ‘save to file’ thing that helps to retrieve data in excel sheets, but unfortunately automation doesn’t accept bind values (:mydate for example)
What is the best way to make report with parameters and export it automatically in excel?

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Automation does support bind variables. Please see this Blog.



Thank you for the interesting blog about using variables in automation. But it’s not my case.
I wanted to make an excel report which accepts parameters from enduser. It’s easy to make sql with ‘:parameter’ and run it.
But it cannot be done in automation. The error is "Activity ‘File_1’ validation failed: Toad has detected some symbols within the SQL indicating you might be using bind variables.
Is there a way to make report that ask for parameters and save result to excel file automatically?

It sounds like you want a Linked Report that uses a variable. Execute your query in an editor or query builder. Then, using the Send To menu or One Click tool menu, send the query as a Linked Query. This will send the connect data and query to excel and execute in Excel. We do not automatically set up the bind var. I think you will need to do this manually in Excel.

This is not something you cannot do in automation and really don’t need to once you have set it up. It is just a different type of report.