Export Data to Excel Named Ranges (Tables)

When either using the Export Wizard or the Export to File in an automation and targeting an existing Excel File that has Tables defined in it, you are able to select the "Named Ranges" as targets for where the data will go and it blanks out the Start Export cell info, but the actual export ignores your selection and adds a new tab to the file placing the data there. If TDP does not support exporting data to Excel Names Ranges (Tables), why are they selectable? If it should support Named Ranges as targets, is anyone else having issues with this in the latest TDP ( 64 Bit)?

Here is a screen shot showing how the Excel Export allows selection of Named Ranges:


The Quest R&D team may need to take a look at this in more detail. I can see where it may not be straightforward to support Named Ranges as a target for exporting. For example what happens if the exported data doesn't have the same number of rows/columns? Undesired side-effects could happen (e.g. over-writing an adjacent named range, or leaving some left over rows/columns, etc.)