Export to Sharepoint 365 Lists Using Toad Data Point

I'm trying to export data to a Sharepoint 365 List.

According to the help documentation:

"You can import data and create tables (lists) in a SharePoint site using the Export wizard in Toad."

When using the Export Wizard, it says that the connection needs to be defined in: Tolls > Options > Environment > Sharepoint

I can't seem to connect to my Sharepoint 365 environment using this method. Is Sharepoint 365 supported? If so, can anyone offer any assistance around how to configure this screen for Sharepoint 365?


I have the same issue, trying to connect to SharePoint online and help docs indicate its possible but getting an ADFS token error.

Sharepoint 365 is not supported in Toad Data Point 5.4. I will add this to the idea pond to be considered for an upcoming release.