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Find table dependencies


i’ve just started eveluating Toad for SQL Server and have following question.

We have big database with bunch of stored procedures. All data access from applications is done via those SPs. No dynamic SQL is used in those SPs.

What i need is ability to find which SPs do INSERT to given table, which do UPDATE, which do DELETE and which do SELECT. Is that possible to do with Toad?

Best regards,
Dmitry Gokun

Hello Dmitry,
there are no such feature in TSS for right now. You can only get to know what objects have dependencies in both direction with this object. This info is displayed on Dependencies tab in Viewer.


Hello Alexander,

thanks a lot for your answer.

It’s sad that such a useful feature is not supported though :(.

Best regards,

May be this post can help you out in fixing up your finding table dependencies issue. I have not that much extent of knowledge regarding this. So, I have searched for this MS Access feature and finally got this informative post on MS Access Object Dependencies. Hopefully, you will also get some help from it.