Free TOAD Book Contest Ends This Friday

Still time for you all to submit some ideas for new things you’d like to see in
Toad. I have lots of entries so far. About half have been requests for things
that are already in the product or in the optional DBA bundle. The other half
have been very interesting - and a few have been outright excellent. Remember,
the best features and success of Toad have been ideas from this very group.
While the contest is a little subjective (i.e. I get to pick the winners for
free books), all the ideas will get added to the mix - so please send ideas in.
Email me directly (i.e. do not reply to this or post on
the group).

PS - If we get enough really good ideas, I might even be able to scare up more
than just three free books. If the ideas merit it, I’ll find a way to award more
winners :slight_smile:

Bert Scalzo

Database Expert