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Free Toad Webcast Tuesday April 22nd 10 AM PST


Tips to Help Your Developers and DBAs Simplify Their Job

Date: Apr. 22, 2014

Time: 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST

Duration: 60 Minutes

Event: Online


Database professionals – whether developers or DBAs – can often save valuable time by learning to get the most from their new or existing productivity tools. Whether you’re
responsible for managing database projects, performing database health checks and reporting, analyzing code, or measuring software engineering metrics, it’s likely you’re not taking advantage of some of the lesser-known features of Toad from Dell.

What you will learn

Attend this live eSeminar with Dell Software’s Oracle ACE, Bert Scalzo, and discover how easily you can:

Execute multiple scripts

Automate SQL optimization

Simplify reverse engineering

Compare and synch schemas, data, and databases

And much more!


Bert Scalzo, Dell Software Oracle ACE



hope this Webinar will have sound through web. Otherwise (sound through free USA phone number) is not an option for all non USA customers.

When should we get the link from your last Webinar from Toad recording?




The marketing and events people are supposed to take care of emailing people links for the PDF copy of the PPT slides and recordings. I will remind them that people are asking.

As for sound for non-US people, I will ask about that as well. I hope the email they send with invites include all such info - but again not my areas. So I will ask on that too :slight_smile: