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Free Webcast@! Boost Database Performance with SQL Optimizer in Toad®

Are you struggling to tune your SQL statements and PL/SQL code? You don’t want your queries to bog down the database, sure, but you may not know where to start your tuning efforts.

I’m Gary Jerep, a Solutions Consultant at Quest Software, and I’ll be hosting the next, 30-minute Ask Toad live demo session. I’ll demonstrate how the SQL Optimizer engine in Toad for Oracle Xpert edition works to improve your code.

So keep an eye on September 3, at 11:00 am ET for
Boost Database Performance with SQL Optimizer in Toad® for Oracle Xpert Edition,”
and learn how Quest’s SQL Optimizer solution can ensure that poorly-written queries don’t impact the performance of your Oracle databases.

Save your spot!

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thanks Gary. Would it be possible to host (by you or another expert) a similar session for MSSQL Server? including how to install the optimizer code in a Windows 10 environment? If I was still in the Oracle world, I would be a participant for sure...but sadly I am not.