The freeware has been updated however the download site is a mirror of the
server where we upload it. It can take awhile sometimes, an hour or more, for
them to be synced. It isn’t instant unfortunately, like in the past. So if
you’re not seeing an update now, try in a bit. Also make sure to clear out your

Will it still be 10.6 or a new version number?

10.6. Everything is the same besides the expiration date.

Well over an hour has passed and the update still does not work. Can someone please verify that the correct file was uploaded?

It appears to have not yet synched. Mark mentioned an hour or more. We don’t
know how long it takes for the server to be mirrored, but I have downloaded it
from the server to be mirrored and the correct version has been uploaded so it
just needs more time it seems.


Thanks for checking the version. Is there any way to tell that the sync has occurred without downloading the update and seeing if it fails again? I have already spent so much time on this today, and I am sure others have also.

Not that I’m aware of. You’ll just need to try periodically or wait for another
user to confirm that it’s live if you need it today.

is this for the issue ofr the message, that the freeware has expired, please download an updated version…?

It is 2:10 CST and the update is still saying expired. Has anyone had success with the update?

One smart a__ answer would to be to buy the commercial version J

Please – it’s just a joke – don’t rail on me for stating
the obvious ….

I think you meant to write, “One smart move…”


It’s 3:10 CDT and the upgrade still does not work.