Generate SQL Create script not returning grants for Roles in DB2 z/OS

When selecting the Generate SQL Create Script option we are not seeing the grants for Roles being returned in the script. If I view the details of an object and go to the Grants tab, I can see the roles listed there along with authorization IDs and packages. Could we get an enhancement to include Roles when doing the Create Script option?


We are currently using Toad Datapoint: version

I wonder if some of the readers can verify this condition on z/OS? Anyone who can do a quick test will be greatly appreciated.

Also, Dan, is this happening on other flavors of databases? (e.g. Oracle, SQL Server, etc.)

I don't have access to a mainframe, but I tested this on DB2 LUW and the DDL gen engine in TDP seems to work fine, and includes roles granted, per snap below.

This doesn't seem to be happening on other databases that I can tell. I tried LUW like you did and it came through just fine. I had someone try it in Oracle in Datapoint and though it looks different it appears that roles also came through it as well through the create script. It seems for now it's just an issue on the DB2z side.

Just wanted to do a follow-up on this topic. I submitted a ticket for this to support, but was directed to instead post this bug in a forum. Is there some other way to gain traction on this issue?

Just heard from Quest Support/Dev, and the teams are able to reproduce this issue.

Problem has been documented, and awaits prioritization for a future release. FYI

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