Getting Started with Toad DevOps Toolkit - Installing and Configuring Oracle Databases

In an earlier article we discussed installing Toad DevOps Toolkit, installing PowerShell 3.0, and starting Toad DevOps Toolkit. As discussed in that article, Toad DevOps Toolkit is a command-line shell tool for creating and using COM programmable objects to access the functionality of Toad for Oracle with the objective that the COM objects may used with build automation servers such as Jenkins to develop scripts that automate commonly used tasks such as comparing databases, schemas and tables, static code analysis, and PL/SQL unit testing. To use the Toad DevOps Toolkit features, Oracle Database must be installed. Two instances of Oracle Database are required in order to make use of the compare and sync features of Toad DevOps Toolkit. In this article, which is a continuation of the earlier article, we shall install Oracle Database software, install Oracle Instant Client, and create, configure, and start two Oracle Database instances to set the environment for running Toad DevOps Toolkit. This article has the following sections.

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