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Git Bitbucket configure in Toad

Hi, I want to use Git (Bitbucket) in Toad to maintain source version control. Can some pls provide me the steps to configure and how to use. Also pls share the flow and steps to use it in toad.

I would recommend looking at Toad's own Product Help, as there's lots of info there to help you.
After that, here's a link to a nice Video that can help you get started.

You can search for other short videos on ToadWorld that will give you insight on how to set up your VCS integration with Toad.

Thanks for the details. But i specifically want to use GIT in toad which is only allowed in my project. When i try with VCS it ask me to install team Coding which i dont have access, probably i have to ask my DBA. Any videos or documents about complete usage starting from Configuration of using GIT (Bitbucket) in Toad.
Thanks again!!

Team Coding is a Toad concept that works with your back end VCS, whichever one we support (Git in your case). It allows you to define exactly what subset of Database objects you want Toad to communicate to your VCS about. For most folks, they're not interested in versioning/tracking changes to every single object.

Yes, you might need the DBA to help you, at least to install the Team Coding objects on your database, but the install will create a database user with the necessary privs for you to access the Team Coding objects, so you won't need the DBA credentials after that.

Again, please take a look at product Help. There's lots of good info in there... here's just one of the pages re Git:

Thanks alot, this helps..