Giving index names to primary keys


I am using Toad Data Modeler 3.5

I am trying to keep the index name and primary key name are same

but i am not able to do that

pls help me how to solve this

ex: entity name is EMP
the primary key name is PK_empno
i like to keep the same name for the index which will create on primary key emp
index name also like PK_empno

how to do that in the script

Thanks & Regards,
Bala Sake


we are a bit confused and are not sure why you wish to do it that way. When key is created in database, index is created automatically. If you want to define specific properties, then you can just create a key and on tab Using Index Properties you can define the specification of index that will be created in database together with the key.

Please provide more information. Thank you,

Vaclav & Mario