Heterogeneous ER diagram

Hello everyone,

I am trying to create an ER diagram to show dependencies and relationships within tables of three different Sybase databases. Can TOAD for data analysts create such a diagram? If so, how can I do it? So far, I was only able to diagram dependencies for tables in a single database.

Also, how can I enable fully qualified table names in ER diagrams? I want to have the database name as a prefix to each table name in order to easily identify which database each table belongs to.



Just to give an example of what i’m trying to accomplish, please take a look at the following example diagram I found online:


or for higher resolution, a pdf version of the diagram is also available at


As you can see from the above diagram, relevant tables are categorized in groups which are then contained in color coded database entities.

While i’m not looking to create a diagram as complex as this, I want to at least be able to trace the relationships between databases. Right now, the “All tables and views” and “All tables and views from current database only” functions return the same amount of tables, i.e. current database tables. I tried to increase “Maximum reference depth” in Database Diagramming options but it had no effect.

Currently we do not support Heterogeneous Diagrams. I love the idea though and have entered this enhancement request as CR73,733. It won’t make it into the 2.7 release but I’ll schedule it for the 3.0 release. I’ll include the fully qualified name. In the context of multiple databases this will be needed.

Thank you for the post and the example.


Thank you for your reply. So just to confirm that there is currently no way to view relationships between 2 or more databases, even through reports or other means?

Well, the only other place would be in the Query Builder. The Query Builder does support adding tables from different databases and the top part of the Query Builder is a diagram. You can manually draw relationships that are not stored in the database but make sense for querying. Just collapse the bottom criteria grid for a full diagram.

If this is the case then what is the difference between “All Tables and Views” and “All Tables and Views from Current Database only” in the ER Diagrammer menu? The tooltip for the “All Tables and Views” toolbar icon states “Add all tables and views from the current database and any referenced objects from other databases” which implies that it should be including all related tables from other databases as well which is what i’m looking to do. Is this feature working as intended?

Also, would it be possible to add support for fully qualified table names for ER diagam in the next version as opposed to version 3.0? This would very helpful for me as some of the fields in the databases i’m working on have similar names which makes it more difficult to analyze.



Okay, it took a little bit to find the differences. I think the action names are misleading. The scope of adding tables and views is always the current database. If there is a reference to a different database then it draws that also if you choose the top action. It will not pull in that table reference if you choose the second action.
When I first looked at it I had the same understanding that you did.

Currently if you hold your cursor over the name of the table it will display the fully qualified name including the database in the hint. If this was put in the title bar of the table it would be rather long. Is the hint enough?