Historical Toad-SS numeric Alignment bug - Priority C - Reported against Toad SS-Beta

This is a historical problem that is a real eye catcher especially when you are
writing a select that is displaying a primary numeric key and it comes out left


If you run this script (all three lines) the Top result in Left Justified making
you think that it is a Text field, when you know it is a numeric.

The second and third select iteration is always Right justified … No
problem here.

If you look a the second or third result and then go back to the first, the
first in Justified Right as it should

The issue (Priority c) here is that the first time you look at the first result
it is wrong, the second (and subsequent) time you look at the first result is it
is always right.

select 5 as 'LJ' , ' 12345'

select 5 as 'RJ' , ' 12345'

select 5 as 'RJ' , ' 12345'

You have might have to run this several times to see the below.

First look which is wrong

Second Look which is correct.

Hank Freeman

Senior Systems, Database/Data Warehouse Architect


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