How do I generate entity permissions with grant option by script?

Im trying to generate user permissions by script in Toad Data Modeller 5.3.

It works fine with simple permissions (i.e. Model.AddUserRight(Entity, User, ‘SELECT’, ‘Grant’):wink:

But, how do I set complex permissions with “grant option”?

I tried to create a DbRight via Model.CreateNewObject(1014) but got an Internal Error (Access Violation).

Hello there,

Try using the following code:

function main(){
var Ent = Model.Entities.GetObject(0); //Gets first entity in Model, use GetObjectByName() instead if needed
var User = Model.Users.GetObject(0); //Gets first user in Model, use GetObjectByName() instead if needed

var IUGRelation = Model.AddUserRight(Ent, User, 'SELECT', 'Grant'); //Object that contains Entity, User, and Rights
var Right = IUGRelation.Rights.GetObjectByName('GrantSELECT');
Right.GrantOption = true;


The result in a very simple model:




Thanks, works fine.