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How do I get 'IF EXISTS' included in DROP statements within DDL?



I have my DDL script generation configured to include DROP statements.

My question is how can I get the ‘IF EXISTS’ clause back into those statements?

In TDM v2.25.0.28 the drop statement appeared as required (see fragement below)

v2.25.0.28 fragement <<<<<<<<<

Drop Procedure IF EXISTS sp_user_roleremove
Drop Procedure IF EXISTS sp_user_licence

drop table IF EXISTS Point_Designator;

end fragement <<<<<<<<<

Having recently upgraded to TDM I now get

v3.3.7.22 fragement <<<<<<<<<

– Drop procedures section ---------------------------------------------------

DROP PROCEDURE sp_user_roleremove
DROP PROCEDURE sp_user_licence

– Drop tables section ---------------------------------------------------

DROP TABLE Point_Designator

end fragement <<<<<<<<<

My model is based on MySQL 5.0.

Thanks in advance



Hello Paul,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it is not possible now. Nevertheless, we will deal with it - CR # 65 209.

Note: Please check out your Private Messages section for my message. Thanks.