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How do I get the most from this tool


I am new to using the sql Optimizer and I am wondering about the results. I was hoping this tool would show me how I could shave time from the query with the alternatives provided.
I see some of the alternatives shave seconds. Other cost more than the original sql. How do I use this to help me shave time from the query.



The best way to use the tool is to test run all alternative SQL statements. Cost is only a reference, if the SQL has problem, the cost cannot reflect the true performance of the SQL.


Hi Howard,

In addition to Richard’s suggestion, you may also find more information from this community.

To learn more about different features in SQL Optimizer, there are videos available in this community, or you can use this link:

If you are interested in technique or concept in optimizing SQL, you may visit Richard’s blog:

Hope you find them helpful.



Using this sql Optomizer recreated my sql and it ran faster in the Optomizer. However it did not run faster in the tool which was oracle reports. I am a little stumped. I am going to look at how the report is created using oracle reports. However should’nt the report have been faster?


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If it is possible, please post your SQL here with original format, the original syntax/format in your programing tool.

Some tools may change your syntax during execution, so the query plan may be different.
If your SQL has bind variables, it may be a bind sensitive/aware SQL, the plan may changed during execution. If it is the case, select the better performance alternative with Hints can fix the plan speed.