how might one show relations between queries and tables or other queries?

have legacy project with 600 tables and 1500 queries. would like to automatically generate an overview of relations (basically the generator would have to analyse the FROM clause of a query to see which tables or other queries are referenced).

can TOAD such things at all?

in the Help (“Diagram Relationships”) I see such notions as “to view dependencies (DESCRIBE)” and “number of levels of referential tables to include”. what is meant there? could that be what I intuitively am looking for?


To render the relationships in a query you will need to open up your SQL file into the editor and then send to the Query Builder. Once in the Query Builder, push the Visualize query tool button. Actually I think it does this action automatically. This will draw the tables and relationships from the query. The ER Diagram is for rendering relationships from the database only. Not all queries will be able to be revserse engineered if using advanced SQL features.