How to customize attribute display?


On the workspace, the display level for the entity in Object Format has been set to ‘Primary and Foreign keys’.

The diagram shows the attribute name, column type (domain name when appropriate), “NN” and type of Key.

How to customize the display such that it displays only the attribute name and not the type nor domain name?

Win XP

Yew Wee

Hello Yew Wee,

To modify the display for the selected Workspace, right-click the WS | Workspace Format | Entity tab and clear the particular checkboxes, e.g. clear:
Display Data Types
Display Keys Graphically
Display Dictionary Types as Data Types
Display Indexes

Unfortunately, type of key (PK, PFK, FK) and NN cannot be hidden and are always displayed.

Tip: Feel free to use notation that is better for you - see Notation | IDEF1X or IE.

Generally, you can modify the display level + the properties that should be displayed in the entity box on the following levels:

  1. For new models (models that you will create): Settings | Options | Physical Model | Entity.
  2. For particular Workspace of your model: right-click the WS | Workspace Format | Entity tab.
  3. For particular entity on the WS: right-click the entity| Format | Entity tab.

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.