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How to set TDR parameter for TAS variable


I created a MySQL query/TDR job embedded in a TAS using a MySQL db. Typically I would use parameter “=:#variable#”, but MySQL won’t allow this type of parameter. I tried using MySQL parameter “=@#variable#” but doesn’t identify as a parameter and no records are returned. I tried running the TDR job directly and doesn’t prompt a parameter value.


Variable value: #Loop_data_1_SQL.communication_contact#

Variable name: communication_contact


Query snipit: apd.COMMUNICATION_CONTACT =@#Loop_data_1_SQL.communication_contact#

Toad Data Point 3.4 and 4.0 - no luck in either version.



Naming is not very straightforward, so maybe by example:

  1. Set variable, name it “varIntCol” (Number type), set value to zero - cannot be empty for Number

  2. Execute script: table importtest2 with columns IntCol integer, Char20Col char(20)

SELECT Char20Col
FROM importtest2
where IntCol = :varIntCol

  1. Loop dataset

  2. Reference value: #Loop_data_1_SQL.Char20Col#

Hope that helps.