Identity attributes on foreign keys

I’m using and generating a SQL Server 2008 database. When I create a foreign key relationship, the field placed in the child table is retaining the Identity attribute of the parent. Since only one field in a table can have the identity attribute turned on, this is an error and scripts generated from these definitions will fail.

Is there a setting to turn that off or is this a bug? I’m evaluating the product and, if this is a bug, it will constitute a show stopper for me. I don’t have the time to individually edit dozens of fields to turn off the identity attribute.

It’s such a fundamental thing that I can’t believe that it exists, that’s why I think it must be a setting somewhere.


we have been trying to reproduce your issue but with no success. Could you, please, specify the process step by step and explain it further so that we can reproduce it?

I have tried following:

  1. Created two entities, PK in the parent table with Attribute having Identity checked.
  2. Created Identifying Relationship- the PK migrates to the child table, but not retaining Identy checked.

I have tried it in many different ways but no success in reproducing. In fact I’m not clear if I understand it right, therefore asking you for detailed steps.

Thank you for cooperation.


Anyway, isn’t your issue more or less the same like this one?

It’s change request CR 88396.


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