Index on Indetifying Relation


I have a question about the change in the last version of toad (5.3)

When i create a indetifying relation the checkbox for create an index is disabled

Why? It’s possible this relation isn’t a 1 to 1

There is a way for manage this case.



if you create identifying relationship then the migrated attributes will be added to primary key in the child entity and therefore there should be NO need to create the index.

Create the identifying relationship, edit the child entity and see items in section Keys. You will find there primary key with both the migrated attributes.

If you do not want the two attributes to be part of primary key in child entity, change the relationship type to non-identifying.



Ok, thanks for your reply.

If in the primary key of child table I have other fields in addition to the identify relation fields , why I can’t create automatically index for that relation ?

Should I create that index manually ?


I do not know what your target database platform is, but in many databases primary keys are indexed automatically. (That’s why the automatic generation of indexes to foreign keys is useful for non-idetifying relationships and for identifying relationships the feature is disabled.)

In case you have other fields in the primary key in child table and need to create index, please create the index manually. Thank you,