Index option level

After upgrade sql optimiser to 7.3 I am no longer can select the index level through the option. Does anyone have this same issue? I used to ba able to slide the index level from 1 to 10. Not any more the slide bar has disapeared. Any help is much appreciated


In version 7.3, there is a problem in displaying the Tuning Lab window that sometimes the far right hand side of the window may be “displayed” outside of the visible area. This happened in some machines and I believe this is the problem your are experiencing now.

The problem is fixed in version 7.5.0. Actually, the whole Tuning Lab window is redesigned in version 7.5.0 for easier use. I will suggest you update to the latest version. And FYI, a patch 7.5.1 will be releasing soon (available at the end of Nov) so you may also wait for this patch to upgrade.


Thanks Alex, I just installed trail version 7.5 sql optimizer and confirmed that the index level scroll bar works for version 7.5 but still not working for version 7.3. I will wait for the patch and update them. Thanks for your input.