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INSERT SELECT with function

I am trying to perform an INSERT with a SELECT statement and when I add a function such as this:
INSERT INTO[DatabaseName].[dbo].[TABLEA]







 SELECT dbo.ConvertSSN (TABLEB.SocSecNum)AS SSN,

   TABLEB.[Employee Name] AS [NAME],

   TABLEB.[Employee 401(k) Deferrals] AS[401k],

   TABLEB.[Employer Match] AS [401kMatch],

   TABLEB.[2011 Hours] AS Hours,

   TABLEB.[Employee Roth 401(k) Deferrals]AS Roth


The query fails in TOAD with: Lookup Error - SQL Server Database Error: Cannot find either column “dbo” or the user-defined function or aggregate “dbo.ConvertSSN”, or the name is ambiguous.

The same statement runs without issue in management studio. Is there something I need to configure to allow this to run in TOAD?

Edit: Newb errror - please igore - I neglected to set the correct database.

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Hi tatchiso_937,

just wonder what was the difference in your case that helped you to have proper database for the editor in management studio?