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Day Time Presentation Location Sunday 13:45-14:30 SQL: One Language to Rule All Your Data [OOW SUN1238] Brendan Tierney, Oralytics SQL is a very powerful language that has been in use for almost 40 years. SQL comes with many powerful techniques for analyzing your data, and you can analyze data outside the database using SQL as well. Using the new Oracle Big Data SQL it is now possible to analyze data that is stored in a database, in Hadoop, and in NoSQL all at the same time. This session explores the capabilities in Oracle Database that allow you to work with all your data. Discover how SQL really is the unified language for processing all your data, allowing you to analyze, process, run machine learning, and protect all your data. Hopefully this presentation will be a bit of Fun! For those who have been working with the database for a long time, we can sometimes forget what we can really do. For those starting out in the career may not realise what the database can do. The presentation delivers an important message while having a laugh or two (probably at me). Marriott Marquis (Golden Gate Level) - Golden Gate C1/C2 Monday 16:30-17:15 ESB Networks Automates Core IT Infrastructure and Grid Operations [CON7878] Simon Holt, DBA / Technical Architect, ESB Networks Andrew Walsh, OMS Application Support, ESB In this session learn how ESB Networks deployed Oracle Utilities Network Management System Release 1.12 on a complete Oracle SuperCluster. Hear about the collaboration between multiple Oracle business units and the in-house expertise that delivered an end-to-end solution. This upgrade is an important step toward expanding ESB Network’s future network operations vision. Her about the challenges, the process of choosing a COTS solution, cybersecurity, and implementation. The session also explores the benefits the new system delivered when managing the effects of large-scale weather events, as well as the technical challenges of deploying a combined hardware and software solution. Park Central (Floor 2) - Metropolitan I Monday 16:45-17:30 Automation and Innovation for Application Management and Support [CON7862] Raja Roy, Associate Partner, IBM Ireland Automation and innovation are transforming the way application support and development projects are being executed. Market trends show three fundamental shifts: innovation to improve quality of service delivery, the emergence of knowledge-based systems with capabilities for self-service and self-heal, and leveraging the power of the cloud to move capital expenditures to operating expenditures for enhanced functionality. In this session see how IBM introduced innovation in deployments globally to help customers achieve employee and business productivity and enhanced quality of services. Moscone West - Room 3022 Tuesday 12:15-13:00 DMigrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle IaaS: A Customer Journey [CON1848] Ken MacMahon, IT, Version 1 Ken Lynch, Head of IT, Irish Life Simon Joyce, Consultant / Contractor, Version 1 Software In this session hear about a leading global insurance provider’s experience of migrating Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud. This session includes a discussion of the considerations for Oracle Iaas/PaaS vs. alternatives, the total cost of ownership for Oracle IaaS vs. on-premises solutions, the key project and support issues, the benefits of IaaS, and tips and tricks. Gain insights that can help others on their journey with Oracle IaaS generally and with Oracle E-Business Suite specifically. Moscone West - Room 2001 Wednesday 14:00-14:45 Ireland's An Post: Customer Analytics Using Oracle Analytics Cloud [CON7176] Tony Cassidy, CEO, Vertice John Hagerty, Oracle An Post, the Republic of Ireland’s state-owned provider of postal services, is an organization in transformation. It has used data and analytics to create innovations that led to cost savings and better sustainability. The current focus—customer analytics for a new line of business called Parcels and Packets—utilizes Oracle Analytics Cloud to externalize pertinent data to clients through a portal in a secure, effective, and easy-to-manage environment. In this session hear from An Post and its partner, Vertice, as they discuss the architecture and solution, along with recommendations for ensuring success using Oracle Analytics Cloud. Moscone West - Room 3009 Thursday 13:45-14:30 Is SQL the Best Language for Statistics and Machine Learning? [OOW and JavaOne CON7350] Brendan Tierney, Oralytics Did you know that Oracle Database comes with more than 300 statistical functions? And most of these statistical functions are available in all versions of Oracle Database? Most people do not seem to know this. When we hear about people performing statistical analytics, we hear them talking about Excel and R, but what if we could do statistical analysis in the database without having to extract any data onto client machines? This presentation explores the various statistical areas available in Oracle Database and gives several demonstrations. We can also greatly expand our statistical capabilities by using Oracle R Enterprise with the embedded capabilities in SQL. This presentation is just one of the 14 presentations that are scheduled for the Thursday! I believe this session is already fully booked, but you can still add yourself to the wait list. Marriott Marquis (Golden Gate Level) - Golden Gate B

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