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Issues with Styling/SQL/User Table and Display/Object Name Highlighting

It doesn’t seem like these are working correctly but I’m not sure how they’re supposed to work and the documentation is vague.

Is styling just a change on screen display or does it actually function like format?

Is styling supposed to affect Editor, Schema Browser Scripts, or both?

Is styling supposed to affect all user table names, only the table names from the logged on schema, or some other criteria? Should it include schema.table name, just table name with no schema prefix, or both? If just for the logged on schema, then what if I’m logged on to multiple schemas in different databases?

If I make a change to styling options, when should I expect to see the change in editors and/or schema browser source listings? What actions do I need to do to trigger the change?

Is there a relationship between styling settings and display highlighting? If so, how are they supposed to interact with each other. What is supposed to happen if I check Object Name Highlighting/Table names? Should this effect be visible on all user table names of all schemas?

Personally, I would see a benefit in being able to display all user table names noticeably different from the rest of my coding (without actually changing the stored code). And to be able to display all user view names differently than table names. (also function names and procedure names)