JDWP config - change listening interface


I'm having difficulties making JDWP debugger to work.
I work with remote database running on the server, so not running on the client host where there I'm running toad & debugger

in the JDWP wizard, process settings succeeds to test, but database settings fails.
when I look closer on how does debugger process starts I noticed it always binds to listen on loopback interface and (by default) port 4000 or whatever configured port.
hence debuggee session from server cannot connect to it.

whatever settings I try I'm not able to make debugger binding to a physical interface/IP.

any ideas how to make it working?

I'm on TOAD 17.0.341.1977



I am not familiar with setting up JDWP, but there are some resources that may assist. Is there any more info for the database settings failure? Any error message on screen or something else to go on?

thanks for reply.

I've already seen these and some other articles, but they didn't help.

db settings and test results are as follows



running debugger process

handmade test out of toad, directly from db server


connection from db server passes through to the client host, verified with wireshark and some other tools

toad-oracle-debug.jar's log

I'm quite sure I did all the configurations correctly and checked all the possible things.
but it looks like toad-oracle-debug.jar debugger doesn't accept or cannot connect to the configured IP for unknown reasons.
I even tried with debugger of one of concurrent products, and could run debugger there.
but haven't found it handy...