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Join started Toad for IBM DB2 v5.1 Beta program and win Amazon Kindle or iPad!

We are proud to launch Toad for IBM DB2 5.1 beta which involves tons of enhancements\fixes.
The person who submits more than 10 valuable feedback items through the forum will win Amazon Kindle.
Those who want to do a little more on top of feedback items and will articulate “how Toad for DB2 helps you in your work” will enter into iPad competition. Just contact us for that matter.
Looking forward for your posts on the forum and our new Idea Pond:

Full list of features can be reviewed in the beta Release Notes at:

On behalf of Toad for DB2 Team,
Vlas Titov

We have just started Beta program and I want to give you more details how to win
the big prize:

Kick it up a notch and win an iPad 3!

For users who want to do a little more, we are offering a new iPad 3 to the Toad
for DB2 user who can best articulate how Toad for DB2 helps you in your work.

To submit your story:

  1. Use the new/existing features available in the beta within one of your work
    processes (migrating data, performance tuning, etc.)

  2. Write a 1 to 2 paragraph summary of what your process is and how the Toad for
    DB2beta product performed

  3. Email your submission to, Jeff Podlasek ( ). Jeff is
    the Senior Architect for Toad for DB2 and he will review the submissions

What are we looking for? Here is an example:

I am responsible for maintaining a DB2 LUW accounting system on several
production and test AIX servers. That is an internally built and maintained
application that has over 120 tables andindexes. I regularly use the Object
Migration and Object Compare features of Toad DB2 to synchronize my environments
and propagate changes into production. Several important areas that I rely on
within those features are:

  • The ability to include dependent\referenced objects. This makes it easy for me
    to start at any object level and ensure I bring in all related objects.

  • The ability to define and reuse Schema and Tablespace mappings. There are over
    30 different source\target schemas and 20 different source\target tablespaces

  • The side-by-side difference viewer reduces the time and effort needed to
    review the changes and perform my tasks.

Those features typically shave 15-20% of time off my tasks if I would have to
perform those without Toad for DB2.

Happy Beta Testing!

Please note, Toad for DB2 v5.1 Beta will run approxim ately 2,5 months from 16th
March 2012 to the end of May 2012 .

Download Toad for DB2 v5.1 Beta at and start
sharing your experience!

Toad for DB2 Team