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line references in CodeXpert

I’m using CodeXpert (vers. to analyze stored packages. The referencing line numbers in the results correspond to the package spec followed by the body. Toad opens the spec and body in two separate windows though, so I can’t easily match the referenced line to the code in the editor.

For example, if the spec has 100 lines of code and CodeXpert refers to line 150, I’ll find the reference at line 50 in the editor.

Am I missing something? I can’t see any options or commands that will allow me to see the referenced code. Is there at least an option to have Toad open a package in one window with the spec followed by the body? I can’t find anything like that either.

Ironically, I tried the “Export Selected Items to HTML” command and the result looks very similar to the CodeXpert window, but the lower pane is divided in half: the left side has the results of the run; the right side shows the code and automatically goes to the referenced line clicked on the left side.

How can this feature not be in the tool? I truly must be missing something. Please help me if I am.