Link code analysis rules with SonarQube

Hi everyone !

Does anybody have found a way to synchronize SonarQube rules with TOAD for Oracle code analysis feature ?

I know TOAD is XPath for code analysis so there must be a way !

FYI, I also posted the same question on the SonarQube forum: Link SonarQube rulset to TOAD for Oracle - SonarQube - Sonar Community

Thank you

Welcome to the Toad for Oracle community on ToadWorld!

Not sure if there's a good way to to a quick sync between the two. Although Toad can import/export its rules in XML format, it's unlikely that Toad would accept SonarQube's XML files, assuming that SonarQube even allows you to export its rules.

You might just have to go through each rule and adjust, or create new rules in Toad with the same XPATH expressions that you find in SonarQube.

What Gary writes is more than correct. XPath is not XPath. SonarCube uses version 1.0 which by nature limits the analysis which can be done. The Toad XPath expressions are fully based on version 2.0, with proprietary extensions, FLWOR expressions and a few extensions from XPath 3.0.

Also the parse information (or AST in their case) is very different.

So please re-create any rules in Toad. Don't hesitate to bug us if you need help.
If one of your rules looks of common interest then we could insert it in the standard set of Toad rules.