Loop Dataset Automation with Toad Report (.tdr)

Trying to get "Loop Dataset" automation to create a unique Toad Data Report (.tdr) for each row of a loop_driver_dataset but having a hard time binding the loop data set variable with the appropriate field in the .tdr's report dataset/table. All videos' I've seen thus far are for creating Excel files on the fly using SQL and discuss how to can change the "where dataset variable = corresponding loop data set variable" but not clear how pass the loop data set variable value to a .tdr

Update; I'm getting closer. I've set up a parameter within the SQL that generates the Table used by the .tdr report but I can't seem to get the Set Variable InLoop to pass the value of the variable from the Loop Driver dataset into the report parameter to create the appropriate/expected /tdr output. Report returns but wit NO data.

I should mention, error/info message appears within automation regarding the report using SQL indicating a bind variable and suggests defining it but???

Still looking for ANY guidance on setting up Bind variable within a Toad Data Point so that the Loop Driver data set passes the appropriate parameter value for each row (of the driver data set) into the Toad Data Report so that the output is say, 50, 2 page reports rather than one, 100 page report. I have the loop functionality working just fine in creating individual Excel files but can't quite make the connection work with a .tdr.

I'm not tech savvy on the built-in Report-Writer within TDP, but I'll try to carve out some time to look at your use case... busy week though, so may not be able to touch this until next week.

To other users out there, please share your insights if you've gotten this or a similar use case to work.