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Messages window to include timestamps


Would it be possible to have timestamps shown in the messages windows.


currently we get something like this:

Alt #4: Starting: Construct Execution Script
Alt #4: Finished: Construct Execution Script
Alt #4: Executing
User Cancel

it would be nice to see something like this
12:50:10 Alt #4: Starting: Construct Execution Script
12:50:15 Alt #4: Finished: Construct Execution Script
12:50:16 Alt #4: Executing
12:56:20 User Cancel



Hi ,

I will add this to our enhancement list.

However, if you are after the run time information like the elapsed time, this information is currently available on the Compare Scenarios, and Execution Statistics layouts inside the Tuning Lab.




I’m aware of he run time details, however there are no start / end times which means that you can not tell when a particular event actually happend.

Also they only appear once a scenario has completed which means for something that is still in progress there is no indication of how long it has been running.

I would find the timestamps very useful for checking when something actually happened.

Thanks for adding it to the enhancment list.



Hi ,

Agreed! Having the timestamp will be very useful.



Hi Nezcaro,

I am happy to let you know that we have implemented your request to add timestamps to the Messages window in our coming release 7.2. Thank you again for your suggestion.