Naming Worksheets, with multiple queries

Is there a way to automate naming worksheets within sql or a toad option? As of now multiple queries export to Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3 etc.

Even I am looking for answer for this. Can someone let me now how to set predefined worksheet name for each SQL.


In Tools->Export->Export Wizard.

When we select mutiple object to export. In Select Excel Output Options Page, there is a option Worksheet name.

From Help Doc. In page Export Data with the Export Wizard.

Worksheet name

Enter the name of the worksheet.

This field is only available if you are exporting a single object. If you leave this field blank or are exporting multiple objects, the worksheet name defaults to the name of the object.

If you are exporting using multiple queries, each query exports to a separate worksheet (Sheet 1, Sheet 2, etc.).

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