new 6.1 beta drop is available for downloading!

I would like to encourage you to try latest beta build of Toad for Sql Server 6.1

Simply visit our beta page for downloading:

We are count on your feedback.

Can you please let me know what’s new in 6.1?

I am more interested in the difference between 6 and 6.1



Per the release notes (…/ToadSqlServBetaRN.htm) 6.1 is a bugfix release – so no big new features,

Darren, I’m seeing the release notes for v6.1.0.122, which were posted all the way back in mid-July. Are they still current?

Like previously tell DarrenM new version 6.1 is a bug-fixing of 6.0 .

There is a -…/20138.aspx - .

The last message of Bruceduong 20 August 2013 contains an Excel file with details about a list of changes in the last beta version.

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