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New Features in Toad for Data Analysts 3.0 Beta

  **Connectivty to Sybase IQ, SQL Anywhere and Vertica

  **Local Storage Database


  **Data Visualization**


  **Upcoming Betas
     And just to give you a hint of what else is our upcoming Betas you will see the following features.

  Connectivity to Business Objects,, OBIEE and Hive

  So stay tuned!


We have some exciting new features. For those of you would like to try it out, please visit our Beta download page at

New to this Beta are the following items:

**Cross Connection Queries:
We have rewritten the engine that executes SQL against more than one database. Also, added to cross connections is an improved UI to assist you in building these special queries.

To see this features view this video:

**Data Transformation and Cleansing
Often data has to be manipulataed before using. Two new windows are added to assist you in this task.

To see this features view this video:
New features released in prior Betas:

Data Reports:

Integration with Sharepoint includes exporting and importing result sets to SharePoint lists.

**OneClick Charting:



What is the scheduled release date of TDA 3.0?

First part of September