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I’ve been data modeling on ErWin for 20 years but only 2 days on TOAD 5.1. I have a few questions.

  1. I see where a logical data model can be converted to a physical data model but are the 2 models tied together? For example, after the convertion, if I add a new attribute to the logical DM will it automatically appear on the physical DM?

  2. If I want to move an attribute from the 4th position to the second position of an entity, can I drag it or do I need to right-click and go into Edit?

  3. Can I change the background color of an individual entity? (not the backgroup of the entity name and not all entities in the model/workspace).

  4. Can I change the color of an individual attribute? (not all the attributes in the model/workspace).

  5. Can a relationship be automatically brought over when I add a new child entity to a workspace?

  6. How do I not display the index number to the right of the attribute?




re 1) Once converted I don’t think they are linked in any way - but as I hardly ever use a logical model I could be wrong

re 2) you need to open the entity dialog and then use the “Up/Down” buttons at the bottom of the dialog

re 3) The only way I can think of is to assign that entity a specific category, and then change the color of that category.

re 4) I don’t think so

re 5) Not automatically but there is a convenient way: right click somewhere on the drawing area and choose “Edit”. To the right of the search input field and its “Select All”, “Select None” buttons are three more buttons. The first can be used to select all relationships that are missing on the workspace. Just hover the mouse over the buttons, all of them have a tooltip

re 6) I don’t think that’s possible (I turned of the display of indexes completel, so there might be something I overlooked)