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New Toad DB2 Beta Drop now available - build


We’ve posted a new Toad for DB2 Beta build (v6.0.0.181).

Please visit the Toad DB2 beta page to download the latest beta installer and view the beta release notes at:


Please, join the beta programme and download here.

In the following enhancements were integrated:

  • Code Completion Enhancements:
  • System datatypes support in SQL Editor for z/OS 11.1 and LUW 10.5
  • Create function and Create procedure enhancements:
  • Parameters support in function and procedure bodies
  • Variables support in function and procedure bodies
  • Functions and snippets offered in function and procedure bodies
  • Declare, open, fetch, and close cursor support in function and procedure bodies
  • Function and Procedure DOE enhancements:
  • Parameters defined in DOE are offered by Body SQL Editor
  • Object Compare Enhancements:
  • Ignore tablespace differences
  • Ignore COMPRESS
  • Ignore Range Partition
  • Ignore Index collect statistics clause
  • Multiple Selection for Enabling/Disabling:
  • Masks
  • Row Permissions
  • Dependencies Tab for z/OS 11 Array Types