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Numbers are truncated in Export to MS Excel


I have noticed in version 2.7 that decimals are being truncated while exporting to a xls format.

See attached screen shots.

Can this be addressed in the near future ?





I am having a similar issue except 2.7 is rounding my decimals:

TDA Result Actual
151775.9 151775.91
1052052 1052051.74
918839.6 918839.55

I thought this was from exporting to xls but I have tried just running my SQL in TDA and still recieved the wrong answer. So I beleive this is a problem with TDA and not the export.



thanks for your input. I’ll create CR for this.
In fact data is not lost. It’s just a problem of view. Now you can manually change the number format in excel for this column (select column->context menu->format cells->number -> decimal places). It selected as 0 as default.


Sorry about that. A CR was entered on jan 4th on this. CR81163. Debbie replied to this post but it appears to not have been displayed.